What is NetMan?

NetMan is a web-based network management ecosystem which centralizes the moderation of homogeneous or heterogeneous networks in any size and complexity.

Who can benefit from NetMan?

Netman is designed to fit with any kind of environment and business. Our product will give you a wide range of management and control over any kind of element in an enterprise ecosystem.

Netman Roadmap

Our plan is to give our customers smart solution to manage and control their smart businesses more efficiently.

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What are NetMan key features?

If you are interested to have NetMan as one of your colleagues in your team, first we will study your system to advise you about the ways that NetMan can help you.

When we find out the common sight of your enterprise needs, we provide suggestions about the plans and inform you about the requirements to run NetMan in your enterprise.

With cooperation of your team members, our engineering and support team will take care of installation and configuration of the system, and you can make sure that the customization for your enterprise will be done to fit your needs.

The enterprise can make sure about training services to all of your staffs to benefit the best from the system. Our support team are always welcome to answer the questions and are ready to solve issues.

The factors that have made NetMan unique:

  • Unified Control
  • Map designer
  • Agile Methodology
  • Internet of Things
  • Outage Management
  • Event Controller
  • Advanced Permissions
  • Powerful Logger
  • Multi-vendor Support
  • Smart Notifiactions
  • SecurityTtrusted
  • Favorite Dashboard

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